Full Body-Bind Curse
Petrificus totalus
Incantation Petrificus Totalus (Pet-RIF-ik-uss To-tall-uss)
Magic Curse
First Appearance Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Last Appearance Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Effect Freezes the target completely and they fall to the floor
Light Transparent Ice
The Full-Body Bind Curse simply known as the Full Body-Bind is a curse used to freeze a target completely and they fall over in no pain.

Known UsesEdit

User Target When
Hermione Granger Neville Longbottom 1992
Neville Longbottom Death Eater 1996
Draco Malfoy Harry Potter 1996
Hermione Granger Antonin Dolohov 1997


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