Black is a famous and large wizarding family. They have all been in Slytherin (apart from Sirius) and are related to many other families.

Members (from Sirius' view)Edit

  1. Regulus Black (brother)
  2. Walburga Black (mother)
  3. Orion Black (father)
  4. Lucretia Black (aunt)
  5. Ignatius Prewett (uncle)
  6. Arcturus Black (grandfather)
  7. Melania Macmillan (grandmother)
  8. Lycoris Black (grandaunt)
  9. Regulus Black I (granduncle)
  10. Sirius Black II (great-grandfather)
  11. Hesper Gamp (great-grandmother)
  12. Phineas Black (great-granduncle)
  13. Cygnus Black II (great-grandfather)
  14. Violetta Bulstrode (great-grandmother)
  15. Belvina Black (great-grandaunt)
  16. Herbert Burke (great-granduncle)
  17. Arcturus Black (great-granduncle)
  18. Phineas Nigellus Black (great-great-grandfather)
  19. Ursula Flint (great-great-grandmother)
  20. Elladora Black (great-great-grandaunt)
  21. Isla Black (great-great-grandaunt)
  22. Bob Hitchens (great-great-granduncle)
  23. Sirius Black I (great-great-granduncle)