A wand is a magical item, in which it holds all your powers.

Harry Potter's Wand

The wand chooses the wizard. It is an old branch of magic called wandlore . In order to have a wand, you need three items. - Wood. - Core. - Size.

The strongest wand known is the Elder Wand. A wand helps with battles, healing, jinxes, spells, hexes, and potions.

Wand usageEdit

Examples of damage caused by "mismatched" wands were seen in 1991, where wand boxes flew off of shelves and banged into walls and when a glass jar on a shelf was shattered as a result of Harry Potter waving the wrong sort of wands. He tried out many wands before he found the one that chose him. Apparently, a warm feeling is felt when the wizard or witch chooses the right wand, and the wand sometimes emits a few sparks or does some similar small sign of magic.

Rights of usageEdit

Wizards are the only creatures who are allowed to possess a wand. Goblins and Centaurs aren't allowed to use a Wand. Muggles are known to not be able to use Magic because they aren't accessed to their magical abilities.

Known Wand OwnersEdit

Known WandmakersEdit

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